Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Skipping over Day 27

I cant draw...at all. And I hate self portraits. So instead Ill just extend yesterdays into  today. Because so much happened today that gives me a very optimistic outlook on the future! I sent in my acceptance form for my claim! And I toured the Art Institute campus, and next week I will be enrolling in their Culinary Management program because Baking and Cooking have been long term hobbies of mine that have become a passion. No matter how stressed I am, or freaked out I am, I'm always serene and happy when I am trying out new recipes. I love cooking and baking. I love being in the kitchen! (Insert sexist joke here) That settlement is going to be the best thing to ever happen! I swear. I'm using it to pay for my enrollment fees for school, pay everyone back who has helped me with my rent, fixing my over drawn fees, buying a dining set (one that is all beat up and ugly so I can refurbish it) as well as some new things that I need to replace since my last roommates kinda ruined things around here. As well as some fantastic new crafting stuff. Bunches of embroidery thread, a shelving system to help prop up the fold out part of my sewing machine/table. And it will also hold my craft supplies. Scissors, replacement needles, fabric, etc. Its seriously exciting! I love new things! And this time i wont have buyers remorse and return it all.....because....that's what I always do....its sad. YAY NEW THINGS AND FOLLOWING YOUR PASSION!!!!!

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