Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 5-8

Yeah, I know, I'm laggin. But hey, I was at my grandparents, and they do not have wifi, so, no laptop. I had a few days off work, so I went to visit them. I haven't had time or money to go visit them in way too long, so, I felt it was time. :)
Okay, on to the reason for the post.
Day 05: My hometown.Oh man, this is a bad one. I come from the worst town in California. No, not Stockton. Bakersfield. AKA "The Crotch of California." Yep, paints a pretty picture huh? Not really. We are in the top 3 on every ranking list of worst air pollution ( here's the unfortunate proof) and well, the city itself sucks. Its huge and we've got almost 400k people, but there's NOTHING TO DO! We have ONE mall for our city and all of the outlying cities as well. meaning its always packed. The "nice" side of town (upper class white people, yes white, not Mexican or anything else. just white.) is crawling with pre-teens who are dressed in every stereo-type ever. Hipsters, beach whores (even though were 4 hours from the nearest beach....), wangster's, skaters, valley girls (even though its the wrong valley...) everything you can think of. All standing out there chatting, flirting with each other, spending their ridiculously high allowance they get for doing absolutely nothing. Their presence forever ruined the one and only date spot in town, so, pretty much everyone's a homebody.....we have 3 theaters, and to see a movie each ticket is 10+ (10 for the matinee) and well, nothings ever playing besides kids movies. So, there it is, my "lovely" hometown. See why I worked so hard to move away?
Day 06: A book I'm reading.

 I just started reading The Fault in Our Stars because my boyfriend really wants me to. All I know so far is it is about a girl fighting thyroid cancer and she meets a boy who had beat Osteosarcomas (bone cancer) and had lost a leg. Apparently its a tragic love story and apparently, I'm gonna cry. The reason my boyfriend wants me to read it, is because he is currently fighting a nasty brain tumor. He has been for 8 months now. and hes really getting close to beating it. FINALLY. Its been a long and painful road for him, but hes finally kicking this stupid tumors butt, and it looks like hes on the road to recovery. *does a little happy dance* So, he felt this book would benefit me and maybe help me understand the cancer patient POV especially since the main character is snarky, sarcastic, and makes mean jabs at people (all in fun though) which is according to my boyfriend "just like you babe." yeah. love you too......but in all, I think it will give me a new perspective on what hes going through right now. :)
Day 07: A song for the day.A song for the day......hmmmmm. Madness by muse. Its amazing. Really super friggin amazing. The melody, the harmonies, the lyrics, his voice. Everything about it just makes me feel good when it comes on, and it makes me belt out the song along with it like you would not believe. Thankfully I don't sound too bad when I sing so its not like that cow in Home on the know, the one who had vultures follow her around as they walked through the desert because they thought her singing was actually her wailing in pain as if she was dying. That is thankfully not me. Yeah, check the song out if you don't already know it. You'll love it. 
Day 08: Three inspirational quotes.
Confession....I hate inspirational quotes, so, I'm just gonna drop some in here and not explain them, simply because I don't wanna.
1. If you’re going through hell, keep going.
˜ Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)
The reason so few people are successful is no one has yet found a way for someone to sit down and slide uphill.
˜ W. Clement Stone (1902 – 2002)
Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.
˜ H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Yeah, enjoy those....they don't really mean anything to me, maybe they mean something to you. 

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