Monday, July 23, 2012

Scarf Display

So, I am obsessed with scarves. long ones, thick ones, skinny ones, small square ones, large square ones. All of them!! And I wanted to be able to show them off while storing them in a way that they won't get wrinkly.
I had a piece of PVC pipe and some paint hanging around, so i decided a hanging pipe will be perfect to Wrap the scarves around.
You'll need a short length of PVC pipe, paint, embroidery thread, two nails and a hammer.
First off, I chose 3 colors of embroidery thread and braided them so that the thread you run through the pipe is strong and can hold the weight of the scarves.

Next, I painted the pvc and let it dry (which took foreverrrrr) After it dried I ran the braided thread through the pipe and ran a nail between some of the threads and hung the pipe up. 

Lastly, I tied all of my scarves around it (i used a small rubber band to hold the smaller scarves). It is an excellent addition to the rest of my wall storage ( i love my wall space) and there it is, a cute little scarf display. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Polka Dotted White Board

If you're like me, then you like white board for the sheer fact that you can do nifty little designs with permanent markers that can easily be erased, (so cool right!!??)
I've gone through so many different designs this past year: daily calendar, weekly to do list, class schedule, assignment list and so many more!! Yet my favorite and current design is cute little polka dots.
Its so very simple to do actually. All you'll need is a white board, sticky dots (or round object of the size you want.) and permanent markers in whatever colors you want.
First, make sure your white board is nice and clean by wiping it down with a cotton ball with a teensy bit of rubbing alcohol. 
Next, apply the stickers in the pattern you want, tightly clustered or scattered, whichever you prefer. (pardon my legs in the pic.......)
Then, trace the edge of the stickers with the markers you chose in whatever pattern you want.
Next, remove the stickers then fill in the circles.

And tada! new polka dotted board!! I used this one to hold my post-its and marker and hung it above my larger white board (which is pretty much the same pattern and being used to hold all my to do post-its which are of course color coded).
And there you have it. Cute and organized polka dotted white boards, and you can do whatever you want with them. Plus! If you change your mind, (like I frequently do) a bit of rubbing alcohol and some paper towels will give you a clean slate.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY Ombre Storage drawers

So, I had this neat little sterilite drawer set, the kind you get at target. Just the simple little clear one like the one below. 
But for some reason, i really just hated it. (I think it was because I could visibly see my clutter through it, and I like hiding clutter behind pretty things.) For me, when i hate something, I either toss it or refurbish it some how. I pulled a bit of inspiration from my cute blue ombre square shelves on the wall, and decided to paint the drawers pink. 

My roommate and I set out on a mission to find the perfect shades of pink (or peach) and found these nifty little 50 cent bottles of acrylic paint. 
Next was the hard part......painting plastic. It took about a bottle per layer, but it came pretty good. We used simple little sponge brushes from Walmart and painted a layer at a time, allowing ample time to dry before painting on the next layer, because it tends to get stringy if its not totally dried yet. 
*Tip: setting it in front of a fan really helps (....but makes the apartment smell like paint for hours.)
It's not peeling like we expected, but it is scratching of pretty easily so i need to be careful. But, I think it came out quite nice. Only cost around $1.50 to paint each drawer and it was a pretty fun project overall. 
 Tossed on some labels and bam! New, cute, easy and thankfully not clear anymore.