Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 15: Three Blogs I Always Read

I know, I missed the 15th, mainly cause i got sicked into the amazingly hilarious world of Parks and Recreation, so yeah. I'm just gonna do the 15th right now.
Day 15: Three Blogs I Always Read
I have three blogs that I visit so often that for the first one, I type in the letter "a" and hit enter and it goes right to it. The second two start with the same letter so I type in the first two letters, hit enter, and bam, I'm there.
I love this blog. Elsie and Emma are amazing. They are like the queens of DIY blogging. Elsie's crafts, Emma's recipes. Its all so perfect! I have tried so many of Elsie's crafts, and its really the reason I got back into crafting. And Emma's recipes are delicious and healthy, and well, I need to be more healthy. And her recipes make it fun to eat healthy food, so I say you should try them out.
I came across this blog courtesy of stumble upon and I must admit I love it. She does a lot of promotional stuff for clothing, and is really good at letting you know trends and deals in fashion. She has got an amazing sense of style, her and her sisters actually, and I really enjoy reading her stuff.
She is a college student who sews. Much like myself. However, she is much more creative than I am, and that is why I like reading her blog. She gives me lots of sewing ideas, and pretty much rounds out my crafting world.

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