Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 17: My Family

Okay, so, this is an interesting family is nuts. I know everyone thinks their family is nuts, but mines nuts.
Mom's side:
The semi normal but very childish side. Everyone acts very immature with each other, for instance, my step-aunt and uncle play tag through the house while my grandfather yells at them to walk, not run. My papa is a grumpy old man who snaps about anything, especially food. He won't eat anything he refers to as "woman's food." My aunt hates kids, my step-aunt is a raging biatch who never leaves anything alone.....seriously, I posted song lyrics from King of Anything by Sara Bareilles, and she called everyone in the family saying I was rude, disrespectful, and needed a serious attitude check before I became a bigger bitch. Yeah.....all that over song lyrics.
Now for dad's side:
I swear, no one put it better than my aunt Kami (or is is Kimmy, idk. Kami had Kimmy or Kimmy had or the other). She said "Our family tree is massive and confusing.....and sometimes it loops right on back around....." Which is true, since my step grand-pa is also my step-great-uncle. My grandma married her first husbands brother after he died of something and she had 2 other kids. Each from different fathers. Only one of which she was married to. The other one she only hooked up with, and my father was the outcome of that. So now, there's a stray generation of Native Americans that can't claim themselves as Native American's since my "gramps" won't admit my dad exists. So yeah. My cousin, sis and I are the only generation to not get pregnant in high school. My cousin and I have stable relationships with normal men instead of people with Multiple Personalities who kill people when they're off their meds. They are absolutely redneck to the max, but thankfully, my cousin, sister and I have been able to escape that fate.
Lastly, the future in-laws:
Nucking Futs. That's all I'm gonna say. That's it. I'm gonna shut my mouth before I say anything I regret.
So, theres my family. Crazy all around.....

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