Sunday, September 16, 2012

Woodland Creatures Obsession

I do not know why, but I have a severe addiction to woodland creatures. Owls, deer, foxes, friggin anything with any of those, and I'm sold. Hands down.
I am a frequent window shopper of modcloth because their clothes are just fantastic. I can't afford the clothes, but I use the site as inspiration and usually find similar things elsewhere (mainly thrift stores) but their set of woodland creature clothes has got me wanting to save my money like you would not believe! I am horrible with money, so me wanting to save for anything really says something!
Whats really cool is all of the clothes are fall colors or actual fall clothes!! Like these cute little Sweaters!

and these cute dresses and skirt!

And last but most certainly not least (cause its my absolute favorite!!) is this amazing top!!!!

The colors are all so beautiful, and so very fall, and I want every single piece for my wardrobe!
All of these adorable pieces are available on modcloth, so if you love them as much as I do, why not give them a look!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Refurbished Table

I love furniture. And I love refurbishing furniture. No matter how difficult the task, I will take it on.
When I was living at home, my mom and I did alot of DIY projects for the house. Building patios, fixing floors, tiling floors, repainting cabinets, etc.
So now when I find old furniture, I dont see it for what it currently it is, but what it can be. Ive re-done a side table (formerly an old tv stand) an old bland bookshelf, and a lamp for my apartment in the last few months, then I hit a dry spell. I couldnt find any furniture i really liked and really wanted to personalize. Then, last week, I found the most beautiful table.....but, it was painted the most horrific combination of colors imaginable!!!

How ugly right? Yellow, navy blue and green?? Who in their right mind would paint a table like this?? Plus, this little beauty had a leg fall off which is why it was in the donation pile in my apartment complex during the moving season. so I of course picked it right up and dragged it inside.
I let it stay inside while i decided what to do with it. Then last night it hit me. PINK. not just any pink either. Baby pink. Or as the krylon bottle said, "ballet slipper."
So I coated the table in paint stripper and let it sit as i ran to Walmart and grabbed the paint, wood glue, sand paper and clamps that I need. when i returned home, the stripper had worked its magic and i scraped off all the ugly blue and yellow paint, then sanded everything down till all that was left on the top was the wood. The part painted green is suuuper detailed so i just sanded off the glossy top so the paint would stick. Next, i added heavy duty wood glue to the leg of the table, stuck it one securely, and let it sit over night to dry and seal. Then I took some cheap white spray paint to prime the entire table.

After 3 cans of white paint and an hour of drying time, it was time to paint it pink. which took another 3 cans of spray paint.....but, it looks AMAZING.

All the supplies totaled about $16 and took around 24 hours to complete, but it was simple, and quite fun!! and now I have a gorgeous pink coffee table to go i my apartment with my cream colored couch, pink wing back chairs, and lace side table!!
Next up: My dining table!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Apartment Hunting Story

So, as most other college students do eventually, I went apartment hunting. And. it. was. horrible. I live in a cute little college town, in a cute little apartment, where I would stay, but my wonderful roommate is moving home to the big city nearby. And since I go to school in that city, I thought hey, why not move there, It might be cheaper?
NOOOOOOPE. I was sooo very wrong. Most places expected first, last and a security deposit up front, some totaling up to $1,200!! Which, I so totally don't have saved up since I just recently got released in to the world as an independent person (which is so difficult). The fact that I was independent was a huge turn off for absolutely everyone I talked to (8 places in 3 days) and everyone turned me away, even places with low rent and no deposit. Apparently a single girl with a job and attending school all on her own is a bad thing in the renting world?
Anyways, I went to so many places, with so many different types of people and it was insane. The first place was this cute house in a very nice little neighborhood (this is the one that was 1,200 for a single room and shared bath, plus i couldn't keep any of the furniture I currently have. Psh, yeah right). I mean, it was nice, it was just way out of my price range.
The second one, oh lordy. That was a disaster! I pulled up and saw a run down house with a dead lawn, chain link fence, pitbulls, and some girl sitting there smoking, and not cigarettes, with purple hair...... I couldn't help but think, "Maybe its 52 st and not ave?" so I called, and the guy answered and said "hey, we saw you pull up, come on in!" and all I could think was "What am I getting myself into....oh lord." So I walk in and see my tour guide is a big ole guy with a bleached dreadlock mohawk. Yeah, have fun picturing that one. So, I get shown the house, which has absolutely no furniture in it, the whole place smells of smoke, and its set up like a hotel......with numbered doors on the inside. And a teeeeny little shared bathroom. I was like, well, maybe I am this desperate, lets see the room. Which was small, smelled like a litter box, and my view was of a fence covered in graffiti. Finally, I am shown the back yard which is just as brown and dead as the front.....and filled with broken torn up furniture and shopping carts full of garbage. So, understandably, I declined. I was desperate, but not that desperate. Plus my poor asthmatic lungs would not be able to handle all the smoke.
The last of all the places I looked at seemed quite promising. Close to campus, not a bad neighborhood, only 275 a month, but I knew there was a catch. Which was the room was horribly small, (big enough for a twin bed and a side table and that's it) there was no furniture, no natural or artificial lighting, and there would be 3 people sharing a bathroom. Meaning this place got a big ole no, since I have way too much stuff to cram into a room half the size of what I have now.
Finally, I decided to bid adieu to the big city and stick with where I am, same complex, different apartment number, and different roommate, but everything can just be transferred over and September is paid for, meaning I have all month to save and get a second job to cover rent and school expenses. I guess it was just meant to be. All my meetings, stress and turmoil over where to live was just to show me that I'm right where I need to be. In a cute little apartment, in a cute little town. Because I sure as hell am not a city girl.
Just know that if you ever decide to move out on your own, don't let the decision be rushed. Save up, do your research, and get a roommate, because having someone to split all the bills with is an absolute financial blessing.