Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 22: What I Like About My Job

Well, I am a pizza delivery driver, and I love driving. I love being on the road all alone. Just me and no one else, not a care in the world (except avoiding all these mean ole cops we have up here.....we have two separate cops up here, city police and campus police, but they all patrol everywhere so we have twice the amount of cops!!) I also like the tips. I get anywhere from 10-60 a night!! One night I got a $30 tip for singing Happy Birthday to some guys wife during their party, so that was awesome. I don't mind being on the make line either. I get to see all the crazy orders that come through, whether its just a massive 80 pizza order for the university or some weird unappetizing combination of toppings, its always fun....unless one of the big guys (which is like, much larger than the make line shelf) falls down, then we all just look around like GOD DAMN IT THESE PIZZAS SUCK! Minis and big guys are the DEVIL I tell you. THE DEVIL!!! Don't order them, I beg of you, don't!! They're not worth the hassle or the money......I promise.

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