Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9: A Close Up of My Day

Of course it's today of all darn day that I have to write this one. Today was just, the dumps. I swear. Got a wake up call from my boss saying I was working the morning shift and I was 10 minutes late already. Then, he proceeded to shun and refused to talk to me for my entire 7 hour shift.....then when my shift ended, he wrote me up for being late and told me "being on time is late, you're late too often, get here 10 minutes early from now on. Plus you work too slow, pick up the pace, Your shifts over, go home." Fun right? everyone likes being talked to by their boss. UGH. i hate this crap. I hate working in the food industry! I'm so much better with clothing and decor and projects that require me to work with my hands. Such as sewing, embroidery, building things (walls, patios, fences...etc), repairing things (walls, furniture, stuff like that). Not making food at a seriously rapid pace. I hate food service jobs....hate them.

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