Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY Refurbished Table

I love furniture. And I love refurbishing furniture. No matter how difficult the task, I will take it on.
When I was living at home, my mom and I did alot of DIY projects for the house. Building patios, fixing floors, tiling floors, repainting cabinets, etc.
So now when I find old furniture, I dont see it for what it currently it is, but what it can be. Ive re-done a side table (formerly an old tv stand) an old bland bookshelf, and a lamp for my apartment in the last few months, then I hit a dry spell. I couldnt find any furniture i really liked and really wanted to personalize. Then, last week, I found the most beautiful table.....but, it was painted the most horrific combination of colors imaginable!!!

How ugly right? Yellow, navy blue and green?? Who in their right mind would paint a table like this?? Plus, this little beauty had a leg fall off which is why it was in the donation pile in my apartment complex during the moving season. so I of course picked it right up and dragged it inside.
I let it stay inside while i decided what to do with it. Then last night it hit me. PINK. not just any pink either. Baby pink. Or as the krylon bottle said, "ballet slipper."
So I coated the table in paint stripper and let it sit as i ran to Walmart and grabbed the paint, wood glue, sand paper and clamps that I need. when i returned home, the stripper had worked its magic and i scraped off all the ugly blue and yellow paint, then sanded everything down till all that was left on the top was the wood. The part painted green is suuuper detailed so i just sanded off the glossy top so the paint would stick. Next, i added heavy duty wood glue to the leg of the table, stuck it one securely, and let it sit over night to dry and seal. Then I took some cheap white spray paint to prime the entire table.

After 3 cans of white paint and an hour of drying time, it was time to paint it pink. which took another 3 cans of spray paint.....but, it looks AMAZING.

All the supplies totaled about $16 and took around 24 hours to complete, but it was simple, and quite fun!! and now I have a gorgeous pink coffee table to go i my apartment with my cream colored couch, pink wing back chairs, and lace side table!!
Next up: My dining table!!!

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