Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Apartment Hunting Story

So, as most other college students do eventually, I went apartment hunting. And. it. was. horrible. I live in a cute little college town, in a cute little apartment, where I would stay, but my wonderful roommate is moving home to the big city nearby. And since I go to school in that city, I thought hey, why not move there, It might be cheaper?
NOOOOOOPE. I was sooo very wrong. Most places expected first, last and a security deposit up front, some totaling up to $1,200!! Which, I so totally don't have saved up since I just recently got released in to the world as an independent person (which is so difficult). The fact that I was independent was a huge turn off for absolutely everyone I talked to (8 places in 3 days) and everyone turned me away, even places with low rent and no deposit. Apparently a single girl with a job and attending school all on her own is a bad thing in the renting world?
Anyways, I went to so many places, with so many different types of people and it was insane. The first place was this cute house in a very nice little neighborhood (this is the one that was 1,200 for a single room and shared bath, plus i couldn't keep any of the furniture I currently have. Psh, yeah right). I mean, it was nice, it was just way out of my price range.
The second one, oh lordy. That was a disaster! I pulled up and saw a run down house with a dead lawn, chain link fence, pitbulls, and some girl sitting there smoking, and not cigarettes, with purple hair...... I couldn't help but think, "Maybe its 52 st and not ave?" so I called, and the guy answered and said "hey, we saw you pull up, come on in!" and all I could think was "What am I getting myself into....oh lord." So I walk in and see my tour guide is a big ole guy with a bleached dreadlock mohawk. Yeah, have fun picturing that one. So, I get shown the house, which has absolutely no furniture in it, the whole place smells of smoke, and its set up like a hotel......with numbered doors on the inside. And a teeeeny little shared bathroom. I was like, well, maybe I am this desperate, lets see the room. Which was small, smelled like a litter box, and my view was of a fence covered in graffiti. Finally, I am shown the back yard which is just as brown and dead as the front.....and filled with broken torn up furniture and shopping carts full of garbage. So, understandably, I declined. I was desperate, but not that desperate. Plus my poor asthmatic lungs would not be able to handle all the smoke.
The last of all the places I looked at seemed quite promising. Close to campus, not a bad neighborhood, only 275 a month, but I knew there was a catch. Which was the room was horribly small, (big enough for a twin bed and a side table and that's it) there was no furniture, no natural or artificial lighting, and there would be 3 people sharing a bathroom. Meaning this place got a big ole no, since I have way too much stuff to cram into a room half the size of what I have now.
Finally, I decided to bid adieu to the big city and stick with where I am, same complex, different apartment number, and different roommate, but everything can just be transferred over and September is paid for, meaning I have all month to save and get a second job to cover rent and school expenses. I guess it was just meant to be. All my meetings, stress and turmoil over where to live was just to show me that I'm right where I need to be. In a cute little apartment, in a cute little town. Because I sure as hell am not a city girl.
Just know that if you ever decide to move out on your own, don't let the decision be rushed. Save up, do your research, and get a roommate, because having someone to split all the bills with is an absolute financial blessing.

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