Monday, July 23, 2012

Scarf Display

So, I am obsessed with scarves. long ones, thick ones, skinny ones, small square ones, large square ones. All of them!! And I wanted to be able to show them off while storing them in a way that they won't get wrinkly.
I had a piece of PVC pipe and some paint hanging around, so i decided a hanging pipe will be perfect to Wrap the scarves around.
You'll need a short length of PVC pipe, paint, embroidery thread, two nails and a hammer.
First off, I chose 3 colors of embroidery thread and braided them so that the thread you run through the pipe is strong and can hold the weight of the scarves.

Next, I painted the pvc and let it dry (which took foreverrrrr) After it dried I ran the braided thread through the pipe and ran a nail between some of the threads and hung the pipe up. 

Lastly, I tied all of my scarves around it (i used a small rubber band to hold the smaller scarves). It is an excellent addition to the rest of my wall storage ( i love my wall space) and there it is, a cute little scarf display. 

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