Saturday, July 7, 2012

DIY Ombre Storage drawers

So, I had this neat little sterilite drawer set, the kind you get at target. Just the simple little clear one like the one below. 
But for some reason, i really just hated it. (I think it was because I could visibly see my clutter through it, and I like hiding clutter behind pretty things.) For me, when i hate something, I either toss it or refurbish it some how. I pulled a bit of inspiration from my cute blue ombre square shelves on the wall, and decided to paint the drawers pink. 

My roommate and I set out on a mission to find the perfect shades of pink (or peach) and found these nifty little 50 cent bottles of acrylic paint. 
Next was the hard part......painting plastic. It took about a bottle per layer, but it came pretty good. We used simple little sponge brushes from Walmart and painted a layer at a time, allowing ample time to dry before painting on the next layer, because it tends to get stringy if its not totally dried yet. 
*Tip: setting it in front of a fan really helps (....but makes the apartment smell like paint for hours.)
It's not peeling like we expected, but it is scratching of pretty easily so i need to be careful. But, I think it came out quite nice. Only cost around $1.50 to paint each drawer and it was a pretty fun project overall. 
 Tossed on some labels and bam! New, cute, easy and thankfully not clear anymore. 

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