Saturday, May 31, 2014

I'm like a soap opera on drama steroids.

Now, I'm not usually one to shit talk people. I will of course vent to family and a few friends. Depending on the issue multiple voices may be needed. But this one, this shit, it's internet worthy. So, I work for this cute little pizza place, totally different store from the last job, (I like working with pizza, but apparently it's a requirement to be an absolute dickwad) and the people I work for actually own the building itself. Well, their father does. Their father has decided that since he owns the building, he gets to tell every one renting from him how to run their business. Which is absolutely inappropriate. So, today I went in to my shift (one I was asked to take because my coworker is out of town) and I decided to grab lunch before hand. Because chili cheese fries just sounded so god damn good. But, I was greeted by the building owner snapping his fingers and clapping his hands to get my attention. Now, yes, you own the building. Your sons own the business, I'm a cashier in your sons store, I understand the hierarchy there, but I swear to god, if you treat me like a trained animal I swear to god you will regret it. He then started screaming at me about being disrespectful and having outside food in the store. And you know what, a simple "hey, eat that at a table outside" would have sufficed. But instead, it looked like he was screaming at a customer for bringing in outside food (which is allowed) and meeting with a friend who had just bought their food from the store. So, my friend and I got up and went outside where I tried to not cry because I just got absolutely torn to shreds for no damn reason, when my actual boss comes out and says "hey, so he's livid, and since he's going to be here all day he doesn't want you here. So go home." Wow, really, go home? Your father had a temper tantrum over some fries and I'm the one who goes home? You're 30 years old and still that afraid of your father? Shit, now I want to find that homeless lady who threw a cup of paint at his car and pay her to throw a whole gallon of it this time. Seriously. Grow some balls and stand up for your poor crying employee who didn't do anything wrong. It's not like I broke the POS system. Or burned down the store. I brought in fries. So Fuck off.

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